About Us

La Leche League (LLL) is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian, nondiscriminatory organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to parents who want to breastfeed.

All expectant and breastfeeding parents are welcome to attend local meetings or to contact a Leader (below) for information and support.


Meet The Leaders

Lauren Hickey

​Lauren is a SAHM mother of three. Becoming a nursing mom made her realize even more the necessity of breastfeeding support. It inspired her to learn more and to help and support nursing moms any way she could. She is very excited to be a LLL leader to support mothers in our area and beyond.



Karina Martinez

Karina lives in Binghamton with her husband and three children. She is the business owner of a local doula practice and is passionate about supporting families. She hopes that as a LLL Leader she will be able to offer breastfeeding guidance and encouragement when it is most needed.



La Leche League Leaders are volunteers.  
They have breastfeed their own children and are accredited through La Leche League International.  
They are available for phone, email, and in-person support.

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